Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cute ideas for Scholastic DVD's and books and stories

Scholastic books and DVD's have such wonderful stories to read and watch. Kinders love to learn the song for 'Chicka chicka Boom boom' and it's something different to sing besides the alphabet song. I get bandages and iodine to fix torn letters and bruises on magnet letters for the class. After the students glue their name with huge 4 inch letters-we hang them on the wall and near lockers for all to see. After the students go home - a 'not-so-nice' person came in and hurt the letters - when the students return the next day - they have to play doctor and fix everything.

My older students get to dress like Miss Nelson in 'Miss Nelson is Missing' and then try to dress like another teacher in the book. They write descriptive sentences for other students to decide who that teacher is; they don't have to be Miss Nelson. They also choose teachers from our school!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Back-to-School and something new/old =)

My Blog and trying new things - wow! the more things change the more they stay the same! An open book diary is how I see this and sometimes it is good to let others know they are not alone and then come to find out - neither are you! Since this is new and unusual for me, I haven't put together this site yet - but now that I know - I will!
Back to school is also my favorite place to be-I look forward to seeing the children and how they've grown in just a couple of months. I teach special needs children in reading and language arts and have loved doing so for some 25+ years. Technology has always been a part of the classroom but I dare say - these days - my students are teaching me, things change so quickly - or do they? hehehe
A $25.00 gift card for my classroom would probably be used toward a new book with items to go with that book. I love books!!! I try to get my students very involved with books by acting out or re-enacting and use as many props or games to do so - so why not - let's have more books!!
You can also win a $25.00 gift card with a back-to-school comment. There is a blogger
who has wonderful ideas and printables and obviously has been doing this much longer than I have . . . . take a look and get involved . . . that's how I am getting started!
Her place is -