Tuesday, November 20, 2012

'Comforts' about communication

OMG! It has been August since I last visited one of my favorite things to do - writing my thoughts down here .... my how I've missed it.  My mind wanders into thoughts all the time but being able to get it down on paper is important to me; so I can go back later and laugh or cry or sigh at my thoughts.

It's time for a change - that was first.  I needed to, so I did - Change the look of the blog. Second, I'm sitting here realizing I am doing what I promised myself I would do almost a month ago-get back to doing some things I enjoy.  So....I am sitting here indulging in some 'comfort food' and getting some 'comfort' :)

Macaroni and cheese - my favorite 'comfort food' - PBJ is right up there with it.  That's what I have now - both!!  'Comfort food' must also have to do with remembrances and memories.  I have eaten these foods for as long as I can remember.  When I was little and family was short on funds, mac and cheese with PBJ sandwiches was dinner!  But.... it was the dinner with fun! from the time I could fill the pot with water and setting the table - to the time I could make the dinner for myself in college - it was a dinner of fun.   From what was least, we were the best as a family.  Don't get me wrong - as far as I'm concerned my family is the best!  Dinners like these is what made our communication skills so good; what made our conversations outstanding and what made our story-telling so descriptive.  

'Comfort food' brings back those nights our family shared and loved and talked.  When I was young until the time I grew older my family has always been about sharing and talking.  When I started dating the man I married, I walked into another family full of conversations, even with seven children in the family, there was always time to talk - around 'comfort food' around the table.  Then came my son - who learned quickly the love of language and words.  His father tells him to this day 'Words have meaning' - we use them in love. Yes, there are some words in anger; but even more words in love - and conversations and discussions surround us everyday, everywhere.  

Meanwhile the last is not least. My favorite 'comfort food' became a sorrow for a little while.  One of the happy moments with family was in the hospital with my sister.  She was the oldest and took care of us as needed.  Now we were taking care of her. One of my sister's last nights of her cancer battle was after she woke up to find her daughter waiting for her; we had been looking for my niece for over a month.  My sister was famished and happy and wanted PBJ sandwiches for dinner.  We went to the store and bought all the fixins' - sat in the hospital room as a family - discussed, conversed and loved.  It was my sister's last meal with us, but it was a happy one!

Writing is a 'comfort', foods are a 'comfort' and communicating, discussing and talking are 'comforts' of a family.  Language can be so many things, but most of all, it is the door and bridge to each other.  Happy Thanksgiving around the table - and many conversations to come!

A little something to smile and converse about:

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