Saturday, November 21, 2009

giving thanks for so many things

It does take one to remind you of so many things. These days family reminds me of quite a few items, age - ha! Once again, someone told me to thank those who have helped us personally and in this country. Someone told me to thank my family for being so patient; and someone told me to give thanks; to those who remember to say thank you. It definitely reminds me of the best things in life.
I was reading another blogspot and remembered once again how giving she is, in thoughts and in doing for others. Teaching Heart Mom remembers how to use the internet and all things connected. She uses it to help herself and others; she uses it to teach and she uses it to show others how to laugh at oneself.
I want, in the years to come, to use technology in such a way, I learn and then; teach others. I want to show others how to say thank you and hope at some point the small things turn into big things in all my doings. I like what Teaching Heart does; once again, go look for her items on her spot. I have opened my spot up to family, let's see what happens when I open up to friends: and the sharing begins.

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