Thursday, June 16, 2011

Here We Go Again. . . sort of!!

Two years and counting!!  I will try this again and this time it will be done right!! = )

I've begun the change. . . no! not that change!  Moving from one area of life and work - to another. . . I am officially a business; and through this blog spot - thoughts and sharing, I'm hoping learning will take place. 

My passion is teaching children.  Now my passion will take a side kick with blogging, then a website (in the works), and then sharing the practices of Listening and Spoken Language.  I am really looking forward to it and loving every minute of it!  Therapy, sharing with adults, and playing with language with the children.  The nice thing about it. . . it works!  Watching children learn and be pleased with the fact that they are learning is great!  Sharing ideas and strategies with parents is great as well! 

My biggest expectations are those ideas coming in from parents and others in the area of Speech and Language and seeing it shared, commented on, and growing.  The only way one expands their mind and ideals is to see through the eyes of another; contemplate, make it work for you and reap the benefits.  So. . . here we go!  Let's learn!

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