Friday, June 17, 2011

Did you know?

Did you know that all learning starts the minute you are born.  No, really! There is so much we take for granted, including the timing of learning.  Babies learn that the person cuddling them is 'the'  person.  The one that feeds them, changes them, and holds them close.  Babies learn that if they make some kind of noise they will get some kind of response.  Ahhhhh, there is something before that.  How do they know that to make a noise. . .gets a response?  Someone/something made noise while in the womb and the auditory nerve for those little ears formed so much earlier than you might imagine.  Noise happened every where, babies in the womb learned that motherly and fatherly voice.  Remember reading that in the mommy books!  So knowing if that baby passed their newborn screenings on all areas is important, and knowing that the baby hears you and responds in kind is just that much more important.  And last but not least, that auditory nerve which began so early in life, continues to grow and develop until age 13 to 15. Wow!

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