Saturday, October 8, 2011

October!! You're Kidding!!

No way! October already? Last time I had some time (which I don't right now, but I miss the blog!) - it has been well over a month; school was just getting started; and then everything began moving like a tornado!  School life really makes you lose track to time, and school life plus private therapy really makes you lose track of life! Hahaha. . . .

But as I have said in previous blogs, my family is what makes me realize life (and work) can make the living so much more fun and it's the balancing act that counts!

I love this time of year. Things begin to change and children can just feel it in the air.  Holidays are around the corner, going to school now means dressing a little bit warmer because mommy puts a sweater on you in the morning, and color changes remind you that summer does not last forever!  And
I get to help teach the children about the fun sounds they will hear and learn for this time of year.

For the young child just learning to use their listening skills - we do a great deal of singing to teach and learn about the rhythm, pitch, and intonation of speech.  The rise and fall of song also takes place with mom and/or care giver in the raise and fall of speech during interactions with child.
As you take a nature walk and notice the leaves falling from trees you can sing: (to the tune of 'The Farmer in the Dell') The leaves are falling down! The leaves are falling down! Red, and orange, and yellow, and brown, the leaves are falling down!  Or another tune to have fun with. . . (to the tune of Row, Row, Row your Boat)  Falling leaves, falling leaves, falling from the tree.  Rake them up then jump right in - have fun with falling leaves!
Point out leaves on the ground and the few leaves left in the trees.  Point out the crackling sound they make as you step on them under your feet or crackle them in your hand.  Have your child listen as you rake leaves in a pile.  Have them listen as you put them in a bag, basket, and/or wheelbarrow.  Push, push, push your child around in a wheelbarrow, or wagon with fall leaves.  Wheeeee!
For the young children in the classroom - play musical chairs with those songs.  As they listen, they walk around - when you stop singing - they sit down!  Or. . . what I really love - is singing this song as the children are playing in a pile of leaves (you can buy a couple of bags of fall leaves in any hobby or crafts store in the artificial plant/flower area) and when you stop singing. . . they stop raking, or jumping, or throwing the leaves!  Go on. . . . have some fun!

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