Saturday, November 19, 2011

Managing: Work, sleep, and thankfulness

Oh my - work has taken over my life!  Something I promised myself would not happen again.  Alas, some areas of my life become sooooo consuming if not 'stayed on top of '.  Work, unfortunately is consuming - so many items to be taken care of and so little time.

Managing areas of life is a part of all of us - don't you think?  My area of work in which I don't do well is managing the paperwork and time lines associated; which causes the domino effect.
I do believe we are all victims of the domino effect in our lives in one way or another.

As parents managing our children and their life's - we can definitely feel the domino effect.
The entire reason I do parent classes and/or include parents as part of the therapy session, is for them to see why it is so important they change their persona and become teacher.  So they do manage - and do not feel the domino effect with their child.  If a parent does not take the teacher role during rehabilitation of their child's speech and/or language, if they wait and say the therapist/teacher can do this part; sooner or later,  the domino effect will rear its ugly head.  A child has to feel the parent is not only vested in the therapy but that the therapy is worth the practice to make the child better.  A parent should know and understand, if you don't 'buy in' 100% - 24/7 - in child and practice - time will release the domino and their child will continue to have problems that may manifest itself into more difficulties - in more areas - and more challenges.

My area of work releases the domino to sleep and soon I am exhausted because I am playing the 'catch-up' game and not resting.  Even my blog is effected!
A parent will see - hopefully sooner rather than later - their child is effected - in so many ways.

Thankfully, vacation days come.  At this time of year I am thankful -for so many things.  This year I am thankful for the days to 'catch up'.  Shame on me for doing it that way, but this year - it works.  As a parent, those vacation days come in handy at some time or another.  I urge parents to take advantage of them every once-in-awhile.  I also point out, it should not become the answer.  Time is of the essence for children with a handicap to overcome.

This year, I have noticed on social medias, the idea of using each day to make a statement about being thankful for something.  Mine is still a list, a reminder I have so much - hopefully, you do as well.

I am thankful for: family who cares, friends who never disappear, work that is always there, and sleep that may or may not appear.  I am thankful for: An army of men and women who watch over us constantly and a country I am concerned over regularly, doctors who find cures to illness purposefully and patients who live their lives fully.   I am thankful for: my beliefs, my morals, my life - no matter how mismanaged I make it at times.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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