Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sometimes it Takes a Village

At least several minutes out of every hour, my mind is on a trillion different things.  When I write I attempt to focus on what I'm writing but that doesn't always work out.  This time I have had this in the back of my mind for several days and feel this is a great time to blog about it.  Sometimes it takes a village to make things come together and not just for the love of what is being done, but for the support and connection of professionals who believe in the same thing.

I love my work and the area of specialty I serve - children with a hearing loss and their parents.  Part of this love is my supporting an organization I believe in greatly.  En Voz Alta, which in Spanish means, 'In a Loud Voice'.  It is a group comprised of parents and professionals that strive to educate, advocate, and support the area community of hearing impaired individuals or parents of children with a hearing loss.
This group has sponsored two bi-national medical symposiums focusing on distributing information to those parents and professionals who had been looking but couldn't find what they needed in regards to help and contacts within this area.

There is so much more to rave about when it comes to this dedicated group - but if you need information and/or want contacts.  Here is the link:  http://umcfoundationelpaso.org/ - look on the left hand column and click Focus Funds, then find En Voz Alta - it will give you more than enough to get you started with contacts. 
Because Sometimes it Takes a Village

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