Sunday, April 1, 2012

Get in Touch for Summer Camp

Summer Day Camp 2012 - Fun with Listening and Language is going to happen!  I am very excited about this!  A friend told me; 'Stop saying 'if this camp happens' and start saying 'when this camp happens'.
She was right - I started putting the word out, started having meetings and talking to people and asked for help and everyone said - 'Yes'.

We have put together a fun time and fun ideas and fun language activities.  We will talk, talk, talk, and sing, sing, sing, with Babies and Parents in the 10 mo. to 2 year old group.  This will run an hour a day.  We will learn some language while playing with activities dealing with Farm Animals, Water, and Dirt in the Toddler group; and we will continue to develop vocabulary and language when becoming scientists tracking around the world dinosaur bones with Little and Master Travelers.  Those three groups will run three hours a day and the camp itself will run for two weeks in June and two weeks in July.

The idea behind the camp is for our children not to lose the concepts and language they gained during the school year and continue to listen and to talk with help from teachers, professionals and family members.  Little ones who are not in school also continue to work with their parent in learning to listen and parents learning that auditory intake happens all the time

If you want more information, or just see whats happening - head on over to
and get all the info.  For now, just know I am excited! yea!

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