Monday, March 26, 2012

So Many Things are Miracles

Where there is great love there are always miracles.  ~Willa Cather
I received an email the other day; you know the kind.  The forwards we all receive - it could be a joke; it could be a poster for 'joke of the day'; it could be a letter to help when you don't want to; it could be a tear jerker; or it could 'be your chance to cash in a million dollar check being held for you!'  They are the type of emails I quickly scan through and usually delete.  You know that kind - right?!!

Well, I received one that made me stop and read; quickly at first and then I slowed down - Whispers - it was called.  It dealt with what we listen to and how we respond - do we hear words for what they are or do we hear words with those subtle undertones.  My mom always said (and still does!) that I hear subtle undertones, even when there are none.  I am always looking for something else.  I want more.
I want miracles!

After reading that particular email - I suddenly realized I have heard words with soooo many undertones; those undertones must be my miracles.   My first great love - family at the core.  Family that talks, talks, talks, and talks some more.  We have words on everything and have taught ourselves that 'Words have Consequences'.  Do you do that in your family?  We love Scrabble, Word Search, and Crossword Puzzles.  Books to read and Documentaries to share.  Where did this all come from?  Words from language from family member to family member.

Ahhhhhh! you say;  you knew this was going to come back to language and family =)  but did you know those words are your little miracles passed on to your little miracles.  Get started showing words with those subtle undertones.  Talk about everything to your young children.  Ask them questions about what you talked about - think of a different way to say those words and share it again.  Continue to talk to your young children as they grow into young adults and watch the language in them expand to what they hold as a miracle.  They may not see it at the time, but you will be amazed at how it all comes back to a great love.  My great love is the language of family - passed to each other and beyond; which in turn sparks the language of words - and that in itself is a miracle.

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