Sunday, March 4, 2012

Summer is Coming Together

I am so excited that my summer is coming together - and it's only March!  Only March?  I have so much to do ~ but I do want to savor the moment = )   My dream of developing and holding a summer camp is taking shape.
The summer fun of listening and talking will become a reality!  The community of people that I work with have graciously volunteered to help me put it together, and putting it together means time out of their lives to develop the theme and activities that will make it happen.  I am sooooooo excited - can you tell! 

I have spoken with people through various churches and owners of buildings, each have been willing to speak with me about using their facilities to hold the camp. 

Parents of children with language and speech disorder because of a hearing impairment and parents of children with a language and/or speech disorder because of slow development, have been very open to wanting this camp and would love to have a place for their children to spend some fun summer hours.  They love knowing they can attend with their child and have some fun, or they love knowing the children can attend with one other sibling and have some fun; and they love knowing their children will be building their speech and language skills. I am sooooooo excited - can you tell!?

Camp will take place for 2 weeks in June and July - two sessions a day.  There will be three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon.  
Social skills will be targeted in such a way that the focus will be on fun and the learning style of the child’s strength, then we will build from there.  After all, Play is a child's work!

I am overjoyed with this prospect and I will keep you posted on growth and development! Wish us Luck - cuz summer - here we come!
All degrees of joy reside in the heart.  ~Oswald Chambers

The joy for my heart will be watching this dream become a reality
If you'd like more information or just want to check out the prospect of fun, go to:

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