Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here We Go!! Life is Here to Enjoy!!

Life is Here to Enjoy         ~Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
What a concept! Such a simple quotation and such a simple mantra and we don't do it very often; but in the next two weeks, my coworkers and I are going to have a great deal to enjoy!  
Six days and Summer Day Camp-Listening and Language is happening!  So exciting!  
Here's just a little taste of the activities:
The 'Little Travelers' will be singing, listening to rhythms and durations, moving with the sounds, and playing an instrument; cooking – sharing the fun with the older campers in putting together their snacks; Ducks and playing in the water (buckets of water); Splash with other animals and playing in the water (buckets of water); Pop with bubbles and balloons.  The 'Little Travelers' will be doing this with the guidance of a parent.  Woo hoo! That's only the first week!

The 'Junior and Master Travelers' will also be singing, dancing, and cooking.  They will be Dinosaur excavating; discussing Dinosaurs and their Fun, Dinosaur Games! Generally become Dinosaur Experts!  
The older campers, or 'travelers', will have partners; and some of the partners are siblings.  They will be enjoying activities that help them understand each others actions and feelings.  Discussion within a game among the siblings and friends will target behaviors and emotions, so that they learn to listen to each other and understand what is being said along with understanding the emotion that goes with the behavior.  In other words - walking in another man's shoes.  
Overall, summertime and camp 'Here we go!'  
Youth comes but once in a lifetime.         ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
and I get youth for my whole lifetime!  What fun!

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