Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Week Done and Another on the Way!

Getting to know one another - learning about each other - and learning about a few dinosaurs.  The first week of camp has come and gone; and looking forward to the next one starting tomorrow!  Music has been great for the group as a whole and the adults are enjoying it just as much.  The young campers are learning the rhythm of music while interacting with the older campers.  The older campers are learning to interact with the little ones while helping them enjoy the music and dancing together. 

The older campers designed their own t-shirts and have moved dinosaur eggs from one place to another.  The younger campers are learning to expand their vocabulary, play with their parents, and just have overall fun with language.

And we have all learned to talk to each other - isn't that what it's all about Summer Fun with Listening and Language!

This coming week looks even better with all of us becoming scientist and looking at the bones of long ago!  I can't wait to go excavating for bones, I can't wait to untie all the knots of dinosaurs standing together and I can't wait to go listen and talk some more!! Stay tuned.....

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