Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pop! pop! pop!! Happy 4th of July!

It is quiet here today.  Enjoying some relief from 100+ degree weather for the past week.  Last night started the rains, no heavy storms, thank goodness.  Today there will probably be scattered fireworks with rain in most areas. 

I would like to share some more pictures from camp and tell you how you can make some noise this fourth of July!  I stated before that balloons were great game makers and I do believe that!  A balloon during camp and even better - a game involving a balloon always made the campers smile.

 How about the balloon that always changes colors?  The campers had to keep the balloon up in the air and each camper was only allowed to touch one color at a time.  The learned, through the game, it was a much easier game if they worked in pairs or asked others for help; keeping the balloon off the floor and helping with a balloon they had already touched. Great language building and team building.  It turned out they made great partners/groups to work together and keep the balloons up in the sky. No popping!  Hmmmmm  But what about popping?
A great language builder and fun thing to do on this Fourth of July afternoon.  Go outside, sit down and blow some bubbles! Pop, pop, pop!!!  You can use a flyswatter for flies and a clean one for the children!  No, not to swat the children, but to dunk in the bubble solution and blow lots of little bubbles, they don't go anywhere and the children truly can stay in one place and talk! 

Popping can take place from balloons, to bubbles, and did I mention popcorn? Popcorn in an old fashioned popcorn maker - yes, they really do make popcorn out side a microwave.  Watch even more language come out while the popcorn swirls around and around and around and then all of a sudden......pop! ...... pop!!  ........pop! pop! ........pop, pop, pop, pop! Over and over, children are just mesmerized - and talking!  Happy Popping!! and Happy 4th of July!!

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