Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Being and Becoming

'Life is not having and getting, but being and becoming' ~Matthew Arnold
If the writing becomes here and there and wandering around please forgive me, still learning to curb the ideas, but I have seen and done so many good things today and/or this week!  Lots of ideas running through my head - hither and yon.  It all may come out in the writing!  As the posts grow you may see a recurring theme - that one area may never change.  I love quotes, especially when it has been a fun day and I see the reason for the quote.  The second recurring theme,  may be the idea of having fun.  Things just seem to go a whole lot better if fun can remain in the day.

I saw so many children being themselves today and so many parents becoming a part of their child's development today - without any expectation of having or getting.  Child development is such a wonder in itself and those kiddos needing that extra little 'umph' to get them where they are suppose to be is even better when you see parents jump right in there to make it happen.  Language and speech development in the homes can be sooooo much fun - no matter what the age.  I worked with a pair of 10 and 11 year olds with their moms today - in the kitchen!  Reading directions and deciphering language can be such a challenge to those children delayed in this area.  Speech can be a challenge with those higher level words within directions for anything!  But parents, if you do it right, it can be so much fun to make something together and have fun through the language.  Parents, whatever you do, use the OWL acronym running through your head. Observe, Wait, and Listen before you jump in. . . and of course, sabotage!  Whatever your child says, have fun with it and then correct it.  One of the children told his mom 'You put cups of glass.'  Mom went and got cups and put glasses in them. . . . eyeglasses, water glasses, and a broken glass - they had a good laugh and then mom fixed the language.
It may take longer to get what you need - but who says you can't work up an appetite.  It was a moment of being and becoming - not having and getting.

I have also spent time perusing the blogs and really having fun at reading and being amazed at all the talented and outspoken people out there.  I have posted the blogs I cover or watch on a constant basis, but this week I have taken the time to really look into different areas and writers.  Wow! (again)
Most people that blog do so for 'being and becoming' something outstanding, or 'being and becoming' something different, or 'being and becoming' something unique.  From what I can tell - there is no 'having or getting' in most blogs; unless they want to have or get feedback or another perspective.
I can't wait to see what becomes of this blog - I insist on getting better.  I can't wait for this blog to become something better - transform into a give and take of information.  Definitely 'a life of being and becoming.'

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