Sunday, July 17, 2011

Love and Learning at Home

So much of what we know of love - we learn at home. ~ Anonymous
Where at home do your children learn the best?  Do you set up an area for homework?  Do you set up a corner for the computer?  Is the only place they can go wild outside?  We are all guilty of thinking in 'where does this look best in a room'.  I am extremely guilty of making use of all corners of the room.
I was reading a couple of other blogs; Kindergarten's 3 R's and Teacher Tom - both have posted great blogs about structure and our children.  I got to thinking about language and structure, which sent me into thinking language learning and love in the home, or anywhere for that matter.
When I first step into a home to do therapy I always ask 'Where would you like to work?' Usually the parent points to the table.  Being very cordial, I gladly go there and set up activities, but as the session goes on we move from the table to other areas of the house.  I want the parent to see, and the child, that learning language can happen anywhere in the home.  As I get to know the family and child, I teach that learning language can happen anywhere period!  Think about it, once again, isn't some of the best activities you've done with family, and really loved it, happening within the activity itself.  When you think back on some of the things you've done with your child - didn't they happen within the activity and not just the place.  It may have been making them smile while cooking in the kitchen,  or outside discussing those 'little buggies' while cleaning up the yard.  When the child needs more input for language, it happens so much more and perhaps even easier, when the activity is not structured at a table. When you are working on language with a child, vocabulary building and structuring of sentences can come more fluently when there is teaching/learning - let's go do it - and discussing afterwards. Just because a child has a deficit in language no matter what the reason, doesn't mean love and learning can't happen at home.  Which brings about another thought. . .
Tell me and I will know, Show me and I will understand; Involve me and I will comprehend. ~Chinese proverb

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