Sunday, July 24, 2011

How Do Things Happen?

I am always amazed at how things happen?!  Even if I know how they happen it never ceases to amaze - listening or watching the magic of things.  Sometimes while I watch or listen, I can feel the tears come because I am so overcome by the thrill of what just occurred.  Yet the question always comes - How Does That Happen?
I attended a research symposium these last four days and loved the papers that were presented.  Even listening to statistics and reasons given; I enjoyed it!  What I enjoyed even more is knowing what I do counts and I learn more 'things that happen' and share with parents and children every chance I get.  Parents ask a question I have always thought interesting and wondered 'why do I expect this question to never come?' - so once again - I have decided to be amazed at how things work . . . .

When I work with parents of and their children that have a hearing loss, it is always assumed by the parent that once the hearing aids or cochlear implants are activated the child will hear, talk, and perhaps even read.  Well, not all at once. . . but it sure is expected to happen quickly.  At times I am a little upset that parents expect it so quickly when I feel they should know we have so much work ahead.  Yet, I do understand how parents feel - 'look at what my child has to make it all better'. Yes - and with their help - they will be amazed.  It just takes the reminder and the strategies that I share with them for something amazing to happen.  They, the parent, will help their child listen, hear, and talk!  It never ceases to amaze me.

Let's remember it all happens in the same hierarchy as most good things do - and it is that remembrance that keeps it together for parent and child.  It is that remembering that amazes the parents when, once they get started in the listening and spoken language process and learning strategies, their child learns.  I teach the parent that it all starts with the brain (and I learned that from a great audiologist-Carol Flexer), and we are going to train the brain to have a great auditory track and auditory brain development.  We are going to do this by beginning with the listening, as all babies do.  They listen to everything in their environment and we are going to train their child's brain, no matter what their age, about listening.  I, am always amazed on how that thing happens! = )  From listening, we move to turn-taking - which brings about talking and communication.  I am even more amazed with tingles in my arms while I watch a parent cry because they never thought they would watch their child react to sound or have a conversation!  And that. . . is the first of many goals that will be accomplished.  Isn't it amazing how things happen!

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