Sunday, February 12, 2012

A LoVe Week

We leave traces of ourselves wherever we go, on whatever we touch.   ~Lewis Thomas
Valentine's Week, and I say week because I love it sooooo much.  I celebrate all week!  I'd celebrate longer if I thought I could.  What I should be saying - we should celebrate loVe all the time.

Once again I bring my thoughts back to my clients and students.  I also think of parents, who play such a huge role with the children to which I provide services.  We leave traces of ourselves.....children look up to their parents....the person they rely on mean the world to them.  I love it when children say to me - 'mommy said.....' or 'daddy did that......'  that tells me they are listening and watching and learning.
We leave traces on whatever we touch.....parents know their children are an extension of themselves.  Parents/Guardians believe their children make the best impression and will behave in the way that they expect.

The lesson for today.....Traces of Love wherever we go and on whatever we touch.  Let's listen for the moment and let's teach the words......good, like, happy, funny, silly, love, heart, valentine, you and me, you and I.

Stand in front of the mirror with your child and make faces - have some fun and in the meantime strengthen those lip, mouth, and tongue muscles.  Smile, stick out your tongue, move your tongue from side to side, twitch and wiggle your nose.  Raise and lower your eyebrows - most of all have fun.  Then say....'I love that face your making!'  'Oh what a silly face.'  'That's a good one!' 'I like that funny face.'  'Oh, you're soooooo funny!'  Sometimes making faces can be fun!

Now, get out the different colors of construction paper and start cutting those hearts and arrows - have your child listen and follow directions.  Start simple and make listening a multilayer of elements. Listen and make abilities of auditory learning stronger and stronger.  i.e. 'Put the purple heart on your paper,' 'Put the orange and purple heart on your paper,' 'Before you put the orange heart on your paper, put the purple arrow across the yellow heart,' 'Pick your favorite color paper and place the zigzag picture of the purple heart on the yellow polka dot heart.'  'Oh I really like that Valentine's paper!'

Have a week of loVe and leave traces of yourself wherever you go and on whatever you touch!

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