Friday, February 3, 2012

A Summer of Fun! Listening and Language

Another month....lots of ideas.....lots of work.....and lots to get ready for!!

I am putting together a summer camp!  A summer camp of fun surrounded by listening and language. 
I have always wanted to have a summer camp.  I have helped, attended, and worked in other summer camps and have enjoyed them thoroughly.  I have seen children have tons of fun with all kinds of activities and things to do.  Each one of these camps has been a special part of someone's memories or someone's summer.  Each one of these camps range from camps for children to learn new skills to camps for children with specific types of disabilities.  The camp I am putting together this summer is for children with a hearing impairment and/or language delay and their siblings.  This will be a family-centered camp with lots to do and there will be people involved that want to give the children the tools to continue to build their language over the summer and to another part of their lives. 

Stayed tuned for more details.  I have so much to tell you!

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